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Rwanda Nyamiyaga G1 | Kamonyi Natural (Single Origin Espresso)

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About This Single Origin 

Rwanda Nyamiyaga | Kamonyi Natural

ROAST:  Espresso Roast

PROCESS: Natural
REGION: Kamonyi

ELEVATION: 1250 - 1550


CUP: Paw Paw, Rockmelon, Guava

As we welcome in the new year we bring you two coffees from Rwanda. One is from Rwanda’s North-West region; the other from its South-West. Both coffees are of a Bourbon varietal with a growing altitude of above 1200 metres above sea level and come from washing stations that are looked after by RWACOF. 

RWACOF is the sister company of the multi-national green bean importer and exporter Sucafina. They have 22 RWACOF washing stations throughout Rwanda and have an immensely positive impact on Rwandan coffee at large. Their initiatives are not only related to the agricultural and farming practices of coffee, including yield improvements and soil analysis, but also orientated towards the overall livelihood of farmers. There is a Farmer’s Hub program that is more concerned with the buying and selling of harvested coffee, along with enabling investments and loans to see these projects through. All of these programs, however, are completed with a steadfast dedication to quality processing as the key ingredient that enables all other endeavours to continue. 

This coffee comes from the Nyamiyaga coffee central washing station (CWS), just a couple of hours away from the capital, Kigali. An excess of 2000 growers in the surrounds supply this station with cherries.

Ultimately, we selected this particular Rwandan for its classic profile. Of course, ‘classic’ is different for everyone and differs not only between each coffee’s different origin, but also its varietal and processing method. For us, a natural Rwanda needs to have a pronounced sweetness and be balanced with guava-like acidity. This Nyamiyaga coffee captures this, along with Paw Paw and Rockmelon.