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The Stranger Blend



Grind Type

The Stranger Blend

We think of the STRANGER blend as a kind of playground: 

A highly intentional blend that is ever-evolving, created to showcase special coffees with different flavour combinations. This new evolution of the Stranger Blend takes the flavour profile away from nuts and towards florals, in an attempt to highlight the remarkable acidity that can be found in Colombian coffee. As an espresso, this blend shines with a lively acidity reminiscent of Strafruit and Raspberry, alongside notes of Black tea and Purple florals.

This is a LIGHT roast coffee, yet it still tastes fully developed—how strange! Do not underestimate its ability to cut through milk. We think it tastes great either way! :) 

50% Colombia - Carambolo - Thermal shock washed

50% Ethiopia - Alaka Guji G1 - Natural