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 Co-roasting Space

 Co-roasting Space

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We spend a great deal of time working on our own coffee and operations, but we still want to provide a space for others in the community to do so too. If you are looking to take your coffee roasting to the next level, please reach out!

We have a variety of co-roasting and contract roasting options available.

Our rate varies depending on the services that you need.

Services we offer:
- green bean sourcing
- roasting machinery
- roasting profile software: Cropster
- storage
- packing facilities
- quality control equipment

World-class equipment we use:

- Giesen W6
The Giesen W6 is the perfect small batch coffee roaster. There is a reason it is used in world roasting competitions and by professionals alike. We believe in its build quality; we believe in cast iron and its roaster’s flame design. Ours has a maximum capacity of 6kg.

- UG22
The Probat UG22 is the perfect medium batch coffee roaster. We have fitted ours out with a proper touch screen, but you can also connect it to your cropster/artisan for full control of your roasts. It has a maximum batch size of 25kg. Converting profiles from the Giesen W6 to the UG22 is a breeze.

- Ikawa
The Ikawa is our sample roaster of choice. We use it to roast all of our green bean samples and we provide access to this service too. It is easy to use, consistent and compatible with many different devices. Maximum batch size 50g.

- Cropster
As part of our co-roasting services we provide the use of Cropster to track and learn from your own roasts. Cropster is the leading professional coffee roasting software around the world and has enabled us to monitor countless batches for consistency and flavour quality.

- Buhler Colour Sorter DA Multivision
In recent years it has become increasingly clear that one way to elevate your coffee to the next level is to colour-sort your roasted beans. We consider it to be a core part of our own processes as a coffee roastery because it helps us to manage the naturally occurring defects that we all find in coffee as an organic product. Individual coffee beans that are of a distinctly different roast level, as determined by the sorter through colour, are filtered from each other. The resulting sorted coffee is more uniform and contains a lower amount of beans with visual defects, such as quakers. You will find a marked difference in the taste of your cup!


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