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Kenya Kirinyaga Kii Washed (Single Origin Filter)



Grind Type

About This Single Origin 

Kenya Kirinyaga Kii AA
ROAST:  Filter Roast
REGION: Kirinyaga

ELEVATION: 1700 - 1850
VARIETAL: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 & Batian

CUP: Cherry tomato, Blackcurrant, brown sugar.

Just when you thought we were finished with our Kenyan lineup for this year we bring you another one! We simply couldn’t let this one pass us by. 

It comes from the Kii Factory in the Kirinyaga region of Kenya and was established in 1995. It is operated by the Rungeto Cooperative Society which is known for upholding sustainability as a core principle in its farming practices. This is a fully washed coffee that starts with a strict visual sorting of the cherries once they arrive at the factory. They are depulped and then left to ferment in parchment overnight. This parchment is removed the following day and the beans are graded. Afterwards, the coffee is dried on raised tables for 8-14 days until they reach their optimal moisture content (10.6%). The water used in the depulping process is recycled and the coffee pulp is transformed into fertilizer as an attempt to make the farming practices more nourishing and circular. The grade of our coffee is AA, which simply refers to the size of the coffee cherry. In coffee, this does not necessarily ensure high quality but we can assure you that they are! 

The general altitude of coffee received by the Kii factory in the Kirinyaga region is between 1310-1900 metres above sea level. Our coffee comes from the upper range in this area of 1700-1850. Similar to the Gichathaini AA, much of the cherries for this coffee come from the foothills of Mt. Kenya with its deep, red volcanic soil. 

In this Kenya we have been finding a sparkling acidity with notes of Cherry tomato,Blackcurrant and Brown sugar. We hope you enjoy this coffee that will most likely be our last Kenyan release for 2023!