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Ethiopia Hambela Wamena | West Guji washed (Single Origin Espresso)

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About This Single Origin 

Ethiopia Hambela Wamena | West Guji Natural

ROAST:  Espresso Roast
PROCESS: Natural
REGION: West Guji

VARIETAL: Mixed Heirloom

CUP: Floral, Lime, Rockmelon, Black tea

When we first came across this coffee on the cupping table, we immediately fell in love. The coffee comes from the Hambela Wamena district, located in the west guji of Ethiopia. It has been produced by Esaias Beriso Arere on his estate farm that constitutes 32 hectares with approximately 2500 trees per hectare. The district is known for its red clay soil and high altitude of 2350 metres above sea level.

This coffee was harvested between November to December 2023 and wash naturally and processed with a drying period of 12-17 days. It is an Heirloom Ethiopian.

Typically when we source coffees and list them they are labelled based on the district that they come from, the processing mill or the farmer. However, we received this Ethiopian labelled as Guribea. This readily translates to ‘Home’ in English from Somali, which is the third most popular language spoken across the country. 

For us this is a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee in a nutshell—it tastes classic—perhaps like home. 

We find floral scent, lime, rockmelon and black tea.