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Colombia Los Ocobos | Ibague Tolima washed (Single Origin Filter)



Grind Type

About This Single Origin 

Colombia Los Ocobos | Ibague – Tolima washed

ROAST:  Espresso Roast
REGION: Ibague - Tolima

ELEVATION: 1700 – 2100

VARIETAL: Caturra, Colombia, castilo

CUP: Redcurrant, Green apple, Sugarcane / panela.

Specialty coffee is all about traceability and transparency, or so we like to think! 

This coffee is graded specialty and considered a ‘single origin’ and yet it is also a blend of varietals and a blend of producers! Although we love a classic coffee origin story that paints the picture of a hardworking, quality-focused and ethical individual from a faraway corner of the world, this coffee is different. It comes from a purchasing station called Los Ocobos which was founded in 2018 by Caravela, the multi-national coffee importing and exporting company, located in the Ibague city of Tolima, Colombia. Caravela is not only responsible for importing and exporting quality coffee but also focuses on community engagement and education. Farmers and producers in the Ibague region supply Los Ocobos with their coffee and gain access to its PECA program, which is a Caravela run grower and producer educational arm. Thus, our coffee is a blend of these small and large producers. Some are independent whilst others are larger scale and sell other agricultural products as well as coffee. All of the producers, however, are from the same ‘terrior’; which is a high-altitude (1700-2100 masl) growing region shadowed by the the snow capped Andes Mountain Range. 

This coffee is dry-pulped before a 40 hour fermentation, after which it is washed twice and dried on raised, patio-style beds for 10-20 days. Our process is always to cup and source what we think tastes the best, regardless of whether it is ‘purely’ from a single farm or producer, and this is what we have landed on. 

Perhaps taste this Colombian alongside the beloved pink bourbon as a point of comparison! 

In this cup, we find redcurrant, green apple, sugarcane/panela.