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Colombia Excelso Carambolo | Thermal shock washed (Single Origin Espresso)



Grind Type

About This Single Origin 

Colombia Excelso Carambolo | Pitalito Huila 

ROAST:  Espresso Roast
PROCESS: Thermal shock Washed
REGION: Pitalito Huila

ELEVATION: 1780 – 1900

VARIETAL:Tabi & Yellow Colombia

CUP: Raspberry, Lime, Coconut water

Introducing Colombia Excelso Carambolo! 

According to Lohas Beans, an exotic Colombian coffee supplier that has been rapidly climbing the ranks to become recognised as one of the premier microlot coffee suppliers worldwide, this coffee has undergone a dual fermentation process. Lohas Beans administers this process to many of their High Cup Score (HCS) series beans. First, the coffee is received at the mill and disinfected of impurities that may be present from the farm. Secondly, the coffee is left to rest and oxidise for 24 hours, before it is depulped. It then undergoes a brief anaerobic fermentation before being administered a hot and cold wash (thermal shock). Finally, the coffee is mechanically dried and rested for at least 1 week. 

This all seems rather straight forward, but taste this coffee and tell us that it isn’t vibrant and complex! This coffee is a blend of two varietals, Tabi and Yellow Colombia. Interestingly, this coffee is called Carambolo, which is Spanish for ‘star fruit’.

‘Carambola’ is one category of Lohas Beans’ HCS offering, the others of which are called ‘El Oso’ (Bear), ‘Bombona’ (Candy), Las Moras (Blackberries) and ‘Laureles’ (Laurels). At any rate, we are delighted by the vibrant flavours and have been finding raspberry, lime and coconut water—just to name a few. The coffee is coating and buttery yet juicy and clean. This coffee strikes a neat balance, appealing to both natural coffee fans and purely washed coffee drinkers.