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Colombia Dario Rodriguez | Gigante Huila pink bourbon washed (Single Origin Filter)



Grind Type

About This Single Origin 

Colombia Dario Rodriguez | Gigante - Huila Washed

ROAST:  Filter Roast Only

REGION: Gigante - Huila 


VARIETAL: Pink bourbon

CUP: Floral, Cherry, Pomegranate.

This coffee hails from the Finca El Recreo farm in the Gigante municipality of Huila, Colombia. Dario Rodriguez Trujillo (partner: Maria Inés Bocanergra) inherited this generational farm after he stated working on it in 1975. At the time it was producing commercial grade coffee, however, seven years ago Dario decided to make a serious switch to specialty coffee. What we taste today is the culmination of his family’s hard work that has been years in the making. For the last seven years all his efforts have been towards quality and experimentation. Our coffee is of a Pink Bourbon varietal, which is one of Dario’s latest experimental projects.

The coffee is pulped before undergoing a brief 40-hour fermentation, after which it is spread over raised beds that are covered under house-type patios. 

We have sourced pink bourbon coffees several times before and have long cherished them for their signature sweetness. Although Dario has not been producing speciality coffee or pink bourbon for as long as many others his coffee is simply outstanding. 

This is the first of two Colombia coffees we have selected this year. You will notice the bean size of this coffee is AAA, which is larger than our other Colombian (AA). It is also of lower elevation of 1670 metres above sea level (AA = 1700-2100). Given both of these Colombian coffees are of a washed process and have received a very similar length of fermentation. Although there are regional differences when we are tasting these coffees side by side we are very much tasting a single varietal against a blend of varietals. How exciting!

Can you taste the difference? 

In the cup we find floral scent, cherry, pomegranate.