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Brazil Topazio Rafael Vinhal Anaerobic washed (Single Origin Filter)

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Brazil Topazio Rafael Vinhal Anaerobic washed

ROAST: Filter Roast
REGION: Cerrado mineiro


CUP: Papaya, Jackfruit, Feijoa

This year we have found two special coffees from Brazil to show you from Rafael Vinhal, who runs the family owned and operated Vinhal Farm that has been producing high quality coffee since 1988. It is located 980 metres above sea level in the core of the state Minas Gerais, which is a part of the Cerrado Mineiro region in the southeast part of Brazil.

Vinhal Farm is dedicated to family, quality of coffee and sustainability and they have worked hard to ensure that all their properties are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, 4c and Certifica Minas. These certifications are audited and have a rigorous evaluation process that requires producers to fulfill certain standards in environmental conservation, sustainable production, social practices and working conditions, as well as complying with local legislation. That Rafael and his family have achieved these certifications for their farm is a testament to their passion for quality and community—and we certainly see this in the cup quality!

This coffee is of a special Topazio varietal, which is a cross of Mundo Nuovo and Yellow Catuai, and grows as a low tree with deep, yellow cherries. It has been fermented three times before being washed. The resulting coffee has a high acidity with flavours of jackfruit and papaya.