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A’Design Award
We are pleased and excited to share that our designer has recently won the Golden A’Design Award competition in the Graphics, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design for her work on our Manta Ray branding. This is a highly sought-after and prestigious design award! The category includes the design of symbols, logos, typography, posters, books, page layouts, and more.   
The organization, A’Design Award, is currently one of the largest and most prestigious design award organizations for international designers on the planet with the aim of increasing global awareness of superior design across a broad range of mediums. It achieves this via its rigorous judging panel and through the promotion of its winning competitors to the design industry at large. 

The judging jury is weighted and consists of both professional industry leaders and members of the broader public. The professional industry leaders include academic professionals, chief executive officers of design companies, and design faculty heads and professors. The broader public is also included in the judging panel to normalize scores and remove as much bias from the judging process as possible. Competition categories, of which there are over 100, all undergo a blind peer-reviewed assessment with anonymous voting and rigorous grading criteria. 

We are wrapt to see Mrs. Xiao’s work being recognized on the world stage and excited to see the ways her design career will grow in the future. Her work is going to be included in the A’Design Award 2022-2023 Best Designs book, exhibited in the A’Design Awards museum, and distributed to a broad range of international design magazines, companies, and publishers. This is all through the A’Design Award’s effort to connect promising designers to a large base of design industry leaders. 

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