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Pesado shower screen (Only for Breville 54mm)

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Pesado shower screen (Only for Breville 54mm)

Often the shower screen in an espresso machine is overlooked, but not by Pesado and IMS who have joint forces in an effort to engineer the ultimate third-party tools for a range of espresso machines. They make portafilters, shower screens and, of course, baskets.

Their shower screens in particular are designed for competition in mind but are quickly becoming a household name due to their precision and durable build quality. 

Independent lab tests have demonstrated that Pesado shower screens deliver the most uniform and consistent flow rates for espresso when compared with other major brands. This screen is exclusively intended for Breville machines that use 54mm baskets. 

Note the precise cluster of perforations and spacing. This design delivers more uniform and consistent flow rates for espresso, adding to the quality of your extractions. The steel itself is electropolished which  not only helps with this near frictionless extraction but also with cleanliness.

Technical Specs: 

  • Shower Screen filter capacity 200 µm

  • W  53mm x H 53mm

  • Perforations

    • Circular Distribution 

    • Ø 2,2 mm, (121 holes) Perforation

    • 0.8mm Support disk perforation

    • Relaminated and recalibrated competition perforation

  • Highly durable

  • Made in Italy