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Nicaragua Selva Negra Decaf | Filter Roast Only



Grind Type

About This Single Origin 

Nicaragua Selva Negra Decaf Filter 

ROAST:  Filter Roast
PROCESS: Mountain water decaf
REGION: Matagalpa

ELEVATION: 1400 - 1800
VARIETAL: Caturra & Catuai

CUP: Goji berries, Brown sugar

Here at Manta Ray, we care about our decaf !


We haven't included it on our menu merely as a kind of obligation or because there is a small and steady market that consistently like to drink it. We believe that—like most things—it has its time and place. 


Through our friends at First Crop Coffee we have been able to source a remarkable organic decaf this harvest that we feel comfortable serving as a filter offering. It is a washed process Nicaraguan coffee with a mixed varietal of caturra and catuai. The process used to decaffeinate these beans is the swiss/mountain water process. For those that are unaware, this just means that the beans are soaked in a water solution (swiss/mountain water) for approximately 8 hours. During this time the caffeine diffuses out of the coffee beans and into the water solution which is then passed through carbon filters that remove the caffeine with minimal impact on the solution itself. The water solution is then reabsorbed into the beans where they are dried as typical washed process coffees to their desired moisture content and then roasted. Notably, this method preserves the original flavour characteristics of the bean and is completely chemical free. 


Our particular decaf comes from the La Hammonia farm, in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. This very special farm actually forms part of a broader eco-village on Selva Negra land that is owned and operated by Maui and Eddy who are generational coffee farmers. Throughout decades of hard work Maui and Eddy’s family and staff have developed this eco village to be completely self sustainable. On Selva Negra there is both a vegetable produce farm and a small livestock farm that support the Selva Negra restaurant. They have a cheese making factory and bakery. Power at Selva Negra is generated by solar panels on the roof of farm buildings and its surrounds. There is so much more information to explore about this farm. Pease let us know if you would like further reading! Essentially, the Selva Negra eco village has a strong, thriving community and a philosophy of making full use of their resources with future generations in mind.

In this coffee, we find goji berries and brown sugar.